Monday, February 18, 2008

What's new with me not much, just working & taking care of my children. D.J. had all week off last week & today he goes back tomorrow & is so excited to get back, he LOVES school! He had a slow start in the beginning of the year with reading & writing but he's catching on now, he's GREAT at math the top of his class, we are so proud of him. Since he was out last week he had his Valentines day party on Fri the 8th he had a lot of fun we sat down the night before & made all the valentines cards, we had goodies bags to go with them & he picked out what he wanted to give special to each friend in the class. It was fun, last year we didn't do anything I thought they didn't celebrate it cuz they didn't do anything for Halloween & x-mas but he came home last year with valentines card & I was bummed cuz he didn't have any to give away, they didn't even send a letter home :( so this year I was on top of it & asked when it would be & what I could do.

My Valentines day was great I had to work all day but I came home to a nice dinner hubby made me, he usually cooks but it was something extra special & he even made me a homemade chocolate cheese cake YUM! We don't usually do anything so it was nice. Hopefully we can go out to a dinner & a movie soon.

My girls well they are driving me crazy!! lol They get into EVERYTHING & break so many things, D.J. was not like this I don't know if it's cuz it's 2 of them or what. I feel bad cuz they are home all day, my mom comes over to watch them for an hour to 3 hour depending on we dh gets home so they are here all day during the week. So it was so nice out this weekend we went out to lunch, did some errands to get them out and about, I wanted to go to the park but we ran out of time we just had to many little things to do, we had a great day. Oh we also went out for ice cream tonight you know they just love ice cream :). I swear working almost full time & having 3 children is hard! My 2 days off fly by every week.

Scraping..... I do have 4 new layouts
the first one is my kids at chuck e cheese my dh got these cute picture of all of them in the bus.

credits here

Next one is a sweet one with Grandma & Great Grandma reading a book.

credits here

I finally scraped some pics from Halloween I really love the way it turned out! I LOVE the main picture. When I took it & saw it on the screen I knew it was a goodie lol I got the feel I wanted.

credits here

one of Jazmyne & her cute little expressions. My son...... umm ...I'll say ;) being a little stinker & was putting his hand in the picture. I like the way she has her hands are crossed in that one, I had to use it :). They do drive my crazy but are oh so CUTE I just want to hug & kiss them!

credits here

Alright that's it from me tonight :).

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well I'm going to try this bloging out & see how it goes lol. I want to try & write down the day to day stuff that my children do so I don't forget, I think its a great idea when I read it on other girls blogs. I wish I would have started earlier but I just don't like writing (I'm bad at it when DH points out typos I get all embarrassed so I try & have him proof read everything before printing lol) but as my children get bigger I can't believe how fast it goes. I'm going to force myself to cuz I don't want to forget anything. So for whoever gonna read this if there are a lot of typos I'm sorry but thats just me :0 I'm GREAT at a lot of things but writing is not one of them.

I can also share my LOVE for digital scrapbooking here, I've been doing it for 2 years now & can show you my must haves. There are sooo many talent talent designers & scrap bookers its truly has come one of my obsessions. To scrap my family's memories so beautifully for us to look back on is just pricessless. So here is my latest layout I used Kristin CB beautiful kit Just Lily I knew it was perfect for these pictures I got of Jazmyne at my in laws house last year. All my kids just love playing the piano while were visiting them. I also use Janet Phillips template brace yourself 2 part of the Feb grab bag.